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Nowadays, our company is focused on main construction production (MCP) and auxiliary construction(AP).

MCP particularly includes works such as shell construction, which means building „under roof“ typically without plaster, professional touch and finishing. Auxiliary production includes all professional works and finishing. These are usually the most expensive and priced parts of the whole work.

For the realization of our projects we select the products and goods from reputable manufacturers. We also provide professional consultation and valuation of construction according to the actual price list.

Range of goods and suppliers



    We introduce you a new dimension of the quality of housing - programmable electric fireplaces with remote control. You can choose the best to your modern or traditional rooms, your living room also to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.
  • HEATERS - decorative and unusual

    HEATERS - decorative and unusual

    We offer you heaters BREM - designing, bathroom, ceramic heaters and AEON ones. Replace the classic heater for a stylish, elegant interior element with multiple functions.
  • DOORS - interior and exterior

    DOORS - interior and exterior

    Wide range and selection of interior and entrance doors. Currently we offer you a wide variety of door decorations set with different variants of accessories and equipment.
  • FLOOR TILING - laminate, wooden

    FLOOR TILING - laminate, wooden

    Our company has more than 13 years practise in installation, repair and maintenance of wooden floors for homes, apartments, common rooms, industrial facilities and also for sports facilities. We offer laminate and wooden tiling.