We bring you a wide selection of radiators in unusual designs. We offer a broad portfolio of unique styles of Bremen, AEON and towel dryers. It changes your interior in original and nice way, your classic central heating can be easily replaced by new one with more features that will change your apartment to a nice Italian comfort and design.

Radiators BREM offer extraordinary decorative and artistic element, with the possibility of color matching with interior - a wide variation of colors, shapes and sizes. Expands the radiator characteristics that can serve as a dividing wall, dryer, chair, mirror, rack, bench, railings, lamp and so on.

AEON radiators are elegant interior element in. They provide long service life, reliability and security connected to the material Additional features: rack, hanger. Modern design, with a harmonious match of metal elements of the interior: the bathroom and the living hall, hall or bedroom. Thanks to its design, it provides a wonderful play with light

Towel dryers are simple and effective solutions for drying your towels and linen. Elegant design of hairdryers for smaller or bigger bathrooms and also with its simple design provides easy installation. Of course there is an optional power control.


CROSS - Refined solution
Horizontal or vertical

AYRON - Heated ladder
in atraktiv shape

ALCOVA - Heated dryer
with shelves for towels

KORE - Heated dryer
with high power


TWISTER - New radiator
with great design

ABACUS - Unique supplement
for children's rooms and other spaces

ECSTASY - Spiral secret
Powerfull heat source

KOLON - simple design
Suitable for all rooms


DELORES - elegant a favorite
suitable for small rooms

DELTA - Chromed corner
towel dryer

DAYTONA - Ladder towel dryer
chrome or white version

TYRUS - simple but effective
for small rooms