STAV-TEAM, Blaško Miroslav

construction and trading company

Zem. Kvášov 82, 017 01 Považská Bystrica

ICO (VAT number): 34 365 281 | IC DPH: SK1020510920 | Tel.: +421 903 645 372, +421 905 283 735 | Mail: |

The company was founded in 1996 incorporated under Žo-96/01928/002Z07 reg.e.159. In the beginning we were dealing with smaller construction projects. Over time, the company has developed and expanded its work in several sectors of the construction industry nationwide.

Our services and implementation services

  • Masonry and concrete work

    A complete masonry work, including realization shell constructions, tiles, plasterboard, external facade, internal and external machine plasters, screeds and tiling work. Moreover, we are dedicated classical concreting cement screed for various special uses.
  • Demolition and wrecking work

    Ground moving and demolition. Excavations, embankments, spoils, landscaping of gardens, sloping, leveling ground, pouring of material under the basement complex and car parks. Excavations for installation engineering networks. Demolition using hydraulic hammers.
  • Painting and decorating Works

    Decoration and painting works, modification of external and internal facades of the walls, paving, installation of drywall. Coating of metals, wood, billets and more.
  • Wall and flooring tiles, pavement sanitatione

    We make out tiling, floor tiles and home cores according to the wishes and individual agreements. In case of your interest we may advice you with realization your design ideas.
  • Insulation work

    We make all types of insulation works with high quality and guarantee using the new technologies and various materials.
  • Thermal Insulation Systems

    Different types of thermal insulation systems for buildings, industrial buildings, houses, blocks of flats, and so on. Ask us for a price forecast .
  • Installation of plasterboard. systems.

    The dry internal construction is designed for a wide range of new buildings for indoor use, but also in the reconstruction of old houses and flats.
  • Supply and installation of Windows

    We do the supply and installation of plastic windows. Beside that, we offer you window´s accessories such as window sills, blinds, shutters. Of course afterward we finish holes with plaster lining, the replacement of windows in the building and home improvements.
  • Laying pavement on

    We provide paving, including field-engineering in advance.
  • Carpentry work

    We make construction of roof trusses and roofing in high quality. A complete carpentry, implementation of various formwork and related to concreting work and supply of building timber.
  • Reconstruction of wooden houses

    We make a complete reconstruction of the interiors and exteriors of family wooden houses. Full or partial reconstruction, depending on the agreement..
  • Waste disposal

    We arrange ongoing and final waste disposal.
  • Professional consultation

    Profesional service of consultation (individual or group consultation) for realized activities of agreed projects.
  • The valuation of buildings according to the actual pricelist

    We provide you with a quality fast valuation of a project. Simply calculates the cost of efficient use of resources and billing of the work performed. We also provide you with a price forecast according to the budget parametres. Range of goods and suppliers